How To Buy $KDOGE Meme Coin (Pre-Sale Is Live)

3 min readMay 23, 2024


Hello $KDOGE DOGS!!!

We are excited to announce the Launch of DOGELANA Meme Coin “$KDOGE” on the Solana Blockchain.

$KDOGE has got only one goal which is “get Rich or Die Meme-ing”.

The $KDOGE team in the past few days have achieved quite a lot, steadily growing the community and getting featured on top crypto blogs like,, and a few others.

Upon completion of the Pre-Sale, $KDOGE will be listing at 1.5X on Raydium Protocol .

$KDOGE Pre-Sale Details
Total Supply: 1 Billion $KDOGE

Pre-Sale Allocation: 600,000,000 $KDOGE

Token Price: 0.000005

$KDOGE Pre-Sale Duration: 25 Days

No Minimum Buy

No Maximum Buy

How to Buy $KDOGE Coin: A Step-by-Step Guide
Ready to dive into the world of meme coins with $KDOGE? Here’s a simple guide to get you started on purchasing $KDOGE during its exciting Pre-Sale phase.

Follow these steps to make your purchase as smooth as possible:

Step 1: Set Up a Solana Wallet
First things first, you’ll need a Solana compatible wallet to store your $KDOGE coins. You can choose from several reliable wallets such as Trust Wallet, Phantom or Solflare.

Download and install your chosen wallet, make sure to securely store your recovery phrases.

Step 2: Buy $SOL
Purchase $SOL from popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken or Kucoin.

Step 3: Transfer $SOL to Your Solana Wallet
Once you have purchased $SOL, you’ll need to transfer it from the exchange to your Solana wallet.

Step 4: Visit the $KDOGE Pre-Sale Page
Now that you have $SOL in your Solana wallet, you’re ready to buy $KDOGE.

Go to the official $KDOGE Pre-Sale page.

Here’s the link to the presale page:

Make sure to verify that you’re on the correct website to avoid scams.

Step 5: Buy $KDOGE
On the $KDOGE Pre-Sale page, look for the “Buy $KDOGE” button.

When you click the “Buy $KDOGE ” button, a popup modal will appear. This modal will display both an address and a QR code.

Copy the address or scan the QR code, and use it to send your $SOL contribution from your wallet.

Final Thoughts
Congratulations on purchasing $KDOGE!

You’re not just buying a meme coin, you’re becoming part of a vibrant community and a potentially groundbreaking venture on the Solana blockchain.

Remember to participate in community discussions and stay updated with the latest news through the $KDOGE Telegram or Twitter.

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